XR65R Stock Exhaust vs ?

Thanks for the photos and info... it still seems cutting the "baffle" extending off the spark arrester would help flow even if you did not customize the silencer as you did. And, to me it seems most like the looks of the aftermarket silencers more then any other factor. When you look at the photos of your bikes, the aftermarket silencers do look better, even though the stock can looks better as a shorty...

I just like 'em shorter cause I tend to flip it over backwards every now and then on some hill that I have no business going up. :mad:

Personally, I also don't like the "pitch" of the Q2; it just doesn't seem deep enough to me. I know that is a petty gripe, but I think the stock can that has all baffles has a nice reverberating tone to it that the more expensive aftermarket cans can't match. Plus I like having the double take when they see the shorty can on the back. (Which usually follows the double take from the inverted forks)

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