650L cylinder head removal?

Hey guys,

I'm tearing my engine down to the core to replace a stripped counter shaft (hooray) but I'm stuck on getting the cylinder off the crank case. Usually a few taps with a rubber mallot around the circumfrence does the trick, but this one won't budge. Yes all of the bolts are removed (I've checked a hundred times). Tried using the block of wood technique. Even done the big no no of gently trying to pry it off. THING WILL NOT COME OFF! :mad: Any tricks I should try before I break out the dynamite? Thanks!

Are you trying remove the head oe the cylinder? The head had 6 bolts and I think 2 nuts, where the Cylinder has 4 bolts. Have you tried tapping and rocking the cylinder?

I'm trying to seperate the cylinder from the crankcase. Cylinder head came off no problem. Tried tapping and rocking. Tapped the hell out of it, actually. All I can think to do now is hose it down with penetrating oil and let it soak. If that doesn't work I guess I don't have any choice but to use some kind of wedge tool (oh god please don't make me do that).

I try not to use a wedge or pry bar as this usually results in dissaster and carnage. Keep tapping with dead blow hammer all the way around the cylinder.

I just had this same problem yesterday on an NX650 motor (same as XR650L). I tried everything, penetrating oil, mallet, cursing, extra beer - no luck. I finally got a small block of aluminum that was about 5 inches long and placed it under one of the smog ports, which seemed to be the strongest part of the cylinder. I then nervously took a regular hammer and began tapping, okay whacking, the aluminum bar. I gues this put enough umph because I finally heard the wonderful sound of the cylinder separating a bit. Then I returned to the rubber mallet around the rest of the base and it all came right off like it's supposed to. Hope this helps and good luck. Just make sure you use aluminum on the cylinder so you don't mar it up.

Thanks Skillet. I hoped it wouldn't come to that but the thing has to come off, right? I think i'll try using a piece of wood on end before i move to aluminum. Thanks for the location to whack. Wish me luck.

Is the XR650L Air Cooled or Water Cooled?

Thank You


Try a little(to a lot) of heat where the locating dowles are at,then some knock-er-loose fluid or wax. the heat will suck it in.

I had trouble with this too.

After trying everything. I put several layers of rubber on top of the piston and bolted the head back on (leaving the cylinder studs out). Then I turned the engine over by hand using a ratchet on the crank to compress the rubber between the head and piston. A few hits with a deadblow hammer and the cylinder popped off.

Hope this helps,


Is the XR650L Air Cooled or Water Cooled?

Thank You


All 650Ls are air cooled.

unless crossing a stream!:crazy:

STOOOPID PAPER GASKETS. :crazy: when you do remove the cyl do not cut your hands trying to remove the gaskets from the cyl surfaces, that sucks. soak it first in a solvent tank.

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