Urgent Help Bike Overheating!!!!!

Im riding in Baja

Good for you man! Baja! The bike is very very very likely just absolutely fine. Uncork it, and just remember the 650's like to move! Get some air through the radiators and the problem disappears ASAP. Engine Ice is worth the price - I use it and it helps. Also - I can still overheat it if I let it idle too long or putt around at too slow a speed. Just the other day, it was warming up, I was putting on gear, and I started getting splashed with this warm blue stuff squirting right into my gear bag. I turn around and it's squirting out the overflow tube I have routed out the side over an aftermarket skid plate. I poured some more fluid in, gave it a fast run, and it cooled right off... Pigs are tough! But they do need air to breath!

Just bought an 07 myself to replace my old trusty 85. Same thing, overheated first time i started it to load it in my truck. Coolant everywhere. Refuse to give up on it though and have about a hundred miles on it already. Really gets hot on the technical stuff so i take a break. But dont want to continue riding restricted. The good thing is it led me to ThumperTalk! And you guys have given me alot of great ideas. Thanx.

Yeah, they really have to be uncorked to even run "correctly". I mean, anything that has an restrictor plate in the intake manifold off the showroom floor needs some serious de-EPA'ing to get it running as it's designers intended.

Easier starting and cooler running (not to mention more power) can be had.

One more option for a cooling fan. This link gives detailed specs and picks of an easy inexpensive solution to installing a cooling fan. I'm about to add one to my 650R. Hope this helps.


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