Armed With Knowledge You Shall Be Free or, Why I don't trust Environ Whackos

Just in case you missed it! :):D:D

I know I have left alot of jersey and skin samples on trees, bushes and manzanita in many riding areas of NorCal :) Maybe they should shut down all areas to all outside people except offraoders as we are an endangered species! :D

Ride Safe And Ride Often

Maybe we should SLICE off some skin samples from these SOB's and discreetly plant them on local MX tracks. No one will care since it will all get churned up from all the roostin'!

Paul, Im curious to see what will happen to these tree huggers for planting false evidence. Probably nothing. It's too bad!! :)

Peace Officers are prosecuted and lose their careers for violating someone's "civil rights" for doing exactly what these people have done. Why are these government employees and enviro wackos not in jail and why has there been no further legal action? Why will they still have their jobs and why is the public not allowed to know their names????

Dan, it is up to us to keep this issue alive and pose those kinds of questions to our elected officials. The more vocal we are about it the more they cannot ignore it and let it die. Paul

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