CRF wheels on XR 650 R

I have found a good deal on motard wheels for a CRF. Anyone able to tell me if the will fit the XR, and what bits will I need. Thanks for the help.

CRF wheels have different axle diameter (larger) than the XR650R's. You may be able to make them work, but you will need to find bearings and seals to downsize the axle required for the wheels. I can also tell you from experience that your local Honda dealer will not be able to help you with this. You will need to try a bearing supply house in all likelyhood. If they are Excel, Talon, or other aftermarket hubs, you may be able to contact them for the correct bearings to make them work. I think that the overall width of the hub is the same, so you should be able to use your stock wheel spacers when you can use your stock axles.

Good Luck!!!!

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