Devol Radiator Guards

Has anyone had trouble mounting the Devol guards? I just installed a set and the lower shroud mount doesn’t line up to the mount on the guard. The bracket is installed using two screws and seems to be to far forward. The shroud-mounting hole is about one inch short of the bracket. If I move the bracket back and use only one screw they fit ok but push the shrouds out a little no biggie. I called Devol and got the standard answer "We have sold thousands of these guards and you are the first to have a problem" I just can't see how these could work they must have miss drilled my set they fit perfect all but the shroud mount? :)


I have a set of those guards and they mounted and fit great. Maybe step back look at it again and make shure you are putting them together correctly, and if so send them back because they shoud fit right.


Agreed....Mine looked like they were wrong initially....(Lack of installation documentstion) but after taking the bracket and trying this and that, I figured it out. Your distributer could have ordered the wrong set....could happen...

Good Luck..

Bonzai :)

CRS, Yamakaze,

Are the holes for your brackets off set forward of the rear mounting support bracket?

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Honestly I cannot remember, But I will look at them this evening .I can e-mail you a photo if you send me your address.

Bonzai :)


I think you either:

a) Were sold ’98 – ’99 model guards by mistake.

:) Have a bent radiator. With the rad mounted grab the edge and pull back until the shroud lines up.

Whenever I’ve had problems reinstalling my shrouds it is because the radiator is tweaked a bit to the fore or aft.

Hope this helps.

I agree with the bent radiator. When I installed mine, I was sure I was sold YZ guards, but after I "adjusted" my radiators, they fit fine.Good Luck!!


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