'06 YZ450f First Impressions

I brought home a new '06 450 yesterday and took it to the track this afternoon for break-in. I traded up from a WR250f, all I can say is "WOW, what a blast!":eek:

The stock power and suspension is incredible. I have a few questions:

What's up with the chain?

I set the chain slack to 2.0" before I left and after 1.5hrs of moderate riding it stretched like taffy. I had to make several turns on the adjusters to get it back into specs. Does this stop, or is the stock chain absolutely junk? I've read that people are recommending an X or O-ring chain, I just didn't think it would be this bad.

How long can I expect the stock sprockets to last and should I replace them with steel?

Jetting is lean on the pilot circuit. (I'm riding in PA, right now 30-50 degrees, 300 - 1000 ft altitude) Stock pilot jet is #42. What is the concensus, are people going to #45 or #48?

Thanks in advance


Awsome =)

I run at about 2000 ft. and have a 45 pilot, so you might want the 48. I also have a 168 main, and it is a bit lean up top so I'm going to go with the 170 main. As for the chain, and sprockets, I replaced my stocker with a renthal Gold that I had left over from my last bike, and I'm still using the stock sprockets, and they still look fine. Hope this helps.

The chain is junk. Replace it now before it ruins the sprockets. 45 pilot is good, 48 may be needed in cold weather. Search a little, lots of info on this site.

I agree, 45 on the pilot, 48 when it's colder.

The stock sprockets are fine, IF you get rid of the chain. To quote a wise man, it's "absolutely junk". Get a Regina ORN6. The one on my '03 has been there over two years, and I think I've adjusted it 3 times, but it's hard to remember.

How much did you pick your bike up for?

I paid $6400 including dealer and title fees etc.

I got my jets at the dealer. They seemed to work fine.

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