New to this site and XR650s...

Hey guys, new to this site...a little about myself:

I've been riding 4 wheelers for years and years, but just bought a 2001 XR650R (yesterday actually). I got it mostly because it was such a great deal. Rode it today for the first time and wow is it different than 4 wheelers, heh.

Anyway, me and my friend have been talking about getting KLR650s for a while now and so I figured Id give this a shot instead. Couple questions...

What exactly do I need on it to make it street legal? I know the whole "baja street legal kit" but is that all? I didnt think the kit came with a horn or mirrors, do I need those? Also, does anyone know where I can find a street legal kit for a good price?

How does the XR650R fair on the road? We actually plan on riding them onroad quite a bit, with a mix of fireroads/logging roads...was the XR650R a good choice? If its not going to be any good for that I wont bother making it street legal. Any input would be great, thanks guys!

Welcome to the site! Check with your local DMV on how to register it. BajaDesins light kit for starters. DOT Tires

Welcome to Thumpertalk, Blstr88.....Plenty of info here....:mad:

Enjoy that ride......:mad:

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