0-0-0-12 deal from yamaha

Has anyone took advantage of this deal yet? I checked the yamaha website and they have it listed as a 0-0-0-6 month not 12. Ive heard and read on here though that it was a full 12 month deal? Does this deal charge for the acrued interest during the grace period? Anyway if anyone has taken advantage of this lemme know cause I may have a new 450 in my shed by friday if everything works out.

Typically, if the balance is paid in full during the 6 or 12 or whatever grace period, there is no interest. Often if you carry a balance beyond that, the interest will be equal to that which would have accrued on that amount over the same time. Read the contract.

okay does anyone know if this deal is a 6 or 12 month deal. I guess i should just call my dealer but Im just tryin to find somethings out so I dont look like a dunce when i walk in to make a deal.

In my experience it is 6 months. I have purchased two bikes with this program.

As of Nov 1st, Yamaha switched it to 0,0,0 for 12. I picked mine up last Thursday and the GM told me that they had just switched it.

damn thats what i was wanted to hear. I mean the 6 month is a good deal but a whole years is awsome. Damn its supposed to be nice here this weekend to. Next desicion i gotta make is blue or white.lol

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