Exhaust Question

I have a 2000 426 and looking for the best exhaust to run and maybe a new header as well. I have a White Bros E2, I think it was Stock. Any sugestions, I've looked in the post but didn't find anything. I was Looking at the new White Bros Pipe, the E-2 the one that offer 4-7 more horse power. The one i have now is missing some of the allen bolts, not good. thanks for all the help.

First, the White Bros. exhaust was not stock. Second, there is no exhaust system available that will deliver 4 hp over the stock Yamaha pipe, never mind 7, unless the '00 OEM pipe was just incredibly bad. The most a new system will do for a 450 is about 2 at peak, and that's only if you are willing to put up with a narrower power curve to get it.

As to the "best", you get a range of opinion as wide as the number of people you ask.


I would agree with Grayracer on this one. I did go to a Pro Circuit T-4 on my 02 426 but its just a case of a banged up pipe being replaced. One advantage with the T-4 is a spark arrestor included in its stinger and really easy to rebuild. I cannot honestly say it gave me a power increase alone. I did do some careful jetting and used a JD Jetting kit from the TT store.

The magazine tests said the stock system was an excellent performing match for this bike. If I had it to over I would look at ebay for a stock system to replace the old one. Someone from here got my old system and fixed it up somewhat and used ot for a while. Beyond my capabilities at the time.


So should i stick with the white bros? I'm just really looking for something that sounds good and will work great whith my bike.


if the WB E-2 is in good repair and meets all the sound test requirements I would stick with what is working. Its hard to resist the 'Bling" factor of new pipes but if you are jetted out correctly, the pipe is working well and is sound compliant it would be better to spend money on upkeep. That is just my opinion though.

Grayracer is out in California like you and can address this one better I think. Best of luck.


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