426 Remote Hot-Start

Hey guys i know that there are a few different Leaver perches that come with a hot-start lever on the Bottow. Has anyone done this mod, how well did it work and if so any pics please :mad:


I installed a Dr. D hot start kit on my 02 after 2 weeks in 2002. Worthwhile mod, just keep the plunger lubed and clean and the cable lubed.


Thanks Bill, :mad:


I will try and get some digital pics of the system at the carburetor, the brake perch installation of the trigger and of the "plunger" (it actually pulls out to open the air inlet orifice) and post them for you. May be tomorrow with work being a bit busy. Cheers!


We have a Dr.D on the 250F, and it works well. It's far handier on the bars, and impossible to forget to turn it off. The only trouble we ever had with it was that it used to get stuck shut. We figured out it was from water getting into the plunger bore via the cable, and in SoCal, that means when we washed the bike.

We now avoid this by the simple trick of running the engine after a wash job (be sure the air filter isn't wet) and just holding the hot start open for 20-30 seconds to draw any water out of the bore. It's worked for over two years, non-stop. If you can't do this, then you need to remove the plunger after each ride/wash, spray the bore with an alcohol bearing carb cleaner like Berryman's B-12 to get rid of the water, and lube it with a dab of marine grease.

I cannot get my digital camera to work. New camera time. Sorry about this problem. Anyway I like the Dr.D hot start system a lot. Wehn mine did stick in 2003 Gina Dubach took a lot of time to help me get things right, down to offering to fix the carb if needed by sending it to them and getting a new hot start to boot. Not needed, Doug's tips worked and now I know how to service the mechanism, just a quick part of my maintenance routine.

I like having the hot start lever on the throttle side since my old school habits with open 2T bikes still causes me to crack the throttle some. The system stopped this cold. Overall I approve of Dr.D and their products. I will consider their pipe system and the accessory parts when and if I get a YZ 450F.


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