xr650r throttle mods

I've heard about after market throttles that will increase the throttle response at the carb per angle of rotation of the throttle at the grip. anyone know what's available for the xr650r?

Not Sure what you mean....:mad:

Not Sure what you mean....:mad:

i went on google and found reference to 1/4 turn throttle, but still no reference to what would work on this bike.

1/4 turn throttle is just a throttle tube with a different ratio so you don't have to turn it as far. i think stock is probably close to half a rotation.

i thought they were pretty usefull on the two strokes since they are pretty much on or off but with all the power of the 650 it makes it a little tougher to roll on the gas in tricky situations and such. might make it a little more difficult in the woods where you don't necessarily want all the power all the time. but if you do desert and dunes then i guess it would make life a little easier.

Scott Summers used to run a modified cable plate on his XR600s back in the day (if memory serves me correctly). He used a larger 'wheel' where the cables attach to the carb assembly. This generates more leverage (longer momentum arm) and makes the throttle pull easier while still having the stiff stock spring to slam the slide shut. I don't think that there is a manufacturer of an item like this for the XR650R. I know that there is not one listed on the SRC website, but I am pretty sure that he used to do this mod to his racebikes.

Way back in his XR600 days, he modified the piece like this that is on the carb body, not on the throttle tube. I'm sure that the same principle applies!!

No one made fancy billet throttle tubes back in the day: they were chiseled out of rock and everyone had to take what they could get.:cheers:

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