Difference between '01 & '02 YZ 426 crankcases?

Does anyone know if there is a difference between the 2001 and 2002 YZ426 crankcases, and what they are? If there are differences in the bottom end is it still possible to bolt a 2001 top end to a 2002 bottom end? I have a 2001 YZ426 and the transmission output shaft bearing blew apart and cracked the case, and I can get a whole bottom from a 2002, but can I use it?

All of the internals are interchangeable. I believe that the difference lies in the fact that the '02 swing arm pivot was enlarged, making the rear hard point different. That said, you will note that the rear of the case has a pair of removable sleeves at that poingt that should be able to be removed and exchanged for the ones that match your bike. If that is done, I believe ity will work. Anyone know for sure?

Hey Ryan, did you win that lower case on eBay? Ice racing is coming up soon, better get to work. :mad:

The lower cases that went for like $30 on ebay a couple weeks ago were mine, except the winning bidder gave me the wrong address so i have to re-send them.

Thanks for the info on the swingarm pivot. Does anyone else know for sure if that's it? And where can I get the sleeves for the pivot? The swingarm on the 2002 was different as well, so is there a sleeve that will adapt a 2001 swingarm to a 2002 case?

The sleeves are referenced as "collars" in the parts book. The PN for the 2001 model is 90387-1712Y-00 (2 required).

If it was me, I'd pull them out of my old crankcases.

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