Midnight Run

Another winter ride. The WR is a year round toy. Tripm joined me this time. He seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. We left around Midnight friday night and returned around 5:45 am. I find riding at night to be safest. You can see a snowmobiles headlight well before you come upon them. It works well since you need the whole trail on the WR. Its the snowmobiler time of year and I perfer to stay out of thei way as well. It was -3f so the conditions were excellent. Traction was wxcellent. I did have some stalling problems since I took the air box cover off. I will make adjustments for that.

Sorry to post about another winter ride, but people who don't ride aren't interested. Anyone care to join me? I will be riding every Thursday weather permitting. The snow makes it e\very bright at night.

Originally posted by mike68:

It was -3f so the conditions were excellent. B]

-3f!!? That's about -19C and rather cold, in my (or at least my bike's) opinion. Does your bike run well when it's that cold? I've noticed, that when it's about -12C (10F) or colder, my bike begins to run lean. Doesn't pull well and blasts in the pipe, particularly when decelerating. Luckily it has been a rather balmy winter, mostly between 0 and -10C.


Bike ran perfect as far as I could tell. Tough to start first time, but after it was warm, one kick and it was going.


...and it REALLY WAS -3f.

My bike is all stock. I have had no problems running in the cold except for the first start. After the bike was warm I had no problems running it except for the idle. I took the air box cover off and i stalled it a dozen times. Gets dark quick! Besides that it was awsome. I still have to emove the throttle stop. I have 140 miles on it and I think it's ready. I will be diong my second oil change before my third ride on thursday. When is a good time to consider it broken in?

I consider it broken in after you've ridden it up and down the street in front of the old lady!! I'm out here in California sorry but it doesn't get that cold here. I wish it did though i'm always up for a night ride :)

green with envy, huge


You are more than welcome to come freeze your ass off and do a winter ride with us. We just got 6" of fresh snow and today it is supposed 39degF , then drop below freezing for wed and thurs. This usualy creates ideal conditions. I am still waiting to ride some dirt. The WR hasen't seen dirt yet.

Mike where do you live? That's a good idea about riding at night to avoid snowbobiles, the snow must reflect the light from the bike's headlight and make riding at night fun.

I don't mind -3F. I'm in CT.

I would like to do some snow rides but I won't have the bike until March. I do still have my XR400 but I am trying to sell it.



I live in NH and the riding is great. The snoe reflects the light quite well. I have no problem with the stock headlight in the snow. If the snowmobile trails are legal for wheeled vehicles, I would stud up the XR and go for a spin. What part of CT are you from?

When I take office in January, I will be closing those trails you are tearing up. I won, I know I did. Didn't I?

Go ahead and try. NH and ME do not frown upon ohrv use. They actually frown upon unregistered users on TT. Get a life moron.

I live in Colchester, about 25 miles SE of Hartford.

We don't have good snowmobile trails (or snow) like NH.


You are welcome to head north and join me for a ride if you wish. Contact me via e-mail for details if you are interested.

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