Lowering suspension- how much $$$ and who?

My new 450F is great, but boy, is it tall (and, at 5' 6", I ain't!). First thing I'd like to do is lower the suspension correctly, via spacers rather than linkage and moving the fork tubes up or cutting the seat or any of that. I've done those things before and wasn't happy. Lowering the seat, for instance, ruins the cockpit and makes it feel like riding a chopper. Not only will I be able to touch the ground, but I'll lower the COG. I'm thinking 1", maybe 2".

1) How much $$$ should I expect to pump out?

2) Any recommendations for who to do this?

3) Who's had this done?

Talk to me....:mad:

I would contact some of the high end suspension company's..pro circuit,enzo,pro action.Ask them about lowering.They do it to alot of peoples bikes especially the rear shock and subframe.Some of the top pro's do it to help thru the HOOPS.

Some of the top pro's do it to help thru the HOOPS.

Now, who would THAT be, I wonder? :mad: I actually stand eye to eye with RC, FWIW. At 44, I'm only 15 lbs heavier, too.

Pingree did it on his ktm when he rode for them.RC's shock shaft probably has a good 1inch out of it...LOL!

I just had the suspension on my wr lowered 1.5 inch. I am 5'7" and was challenged by the tall seat height. It is the best thing that I have ever done. I had Milan Harris at Precision racing do it. He is a certified RaceTech dealer/installer. He did the forks and the shock. He revalved resprung and lowered for me. Check him out at www.precisionracing.net . He had my forks back to me quickly and they were setup within 1 click for me. Plus he will help you set it up over the phone. Whenever I have a question I just call him and he says do this do that and it works. I had to make some adjustments as I get faster. Well worht the money. The link makes it ride like a low rider I would not recommend it. Do the suspension right the first time.:mad:

Check him out at www.precisionracing.net .

Website's not working for me- I get the first Flash, but then it dies. Do you have a phone #?

Also, approx how much did this cost?

His phone number is 334-283-3399 ask for Milan. I cant remember how much it was. I just sent him the forks and shock and told him to do it. I want to say that it was around $600-700 it may be less. I will try to find my paper work on it. He did everything to mine valves, springs, and lowered it.

I love it:applause: :cheers:

I just checked his site again and it opened fine for me. A revalve with oil change a somethin about a fcv is $200 for the forks ,and $175 for the shock. Lowering it shouldnt cost a whole lot more on top of that.

I know this might be a stupid question but did you hit the "enter" button near the bottom of the site? I missed it the first time I went there.

I know this might be a stupid question but did you hit the "enter" button near the bottom of the site? I missed it the first time I went there.

Yes and I got a 404 "page not found" error. Will go check again right now.

Tell me some more about the change, if you don't mind...does the bike corner better? Ever miss the 1.5" of travel?


The bike handles SO much better now. It settles into the corner very well. It instantly gave me the confidence to stay standing while cornering. It also made a huge difference in my confidence to try new obstacles. I ride mostly woods and putting a foot down is a common thing. I can now dive into a hairpin corner and plant a foor and spin the back around.

I cant say enough about how good it is now. It was well worht the money. If I had to choose between only getting the suspension, and nothing else for the year I would gladly give up any other mod. Milan does awesome work and is great to work with. Just do it you wont regret it........I promise.

STOCK SUSPENSION:thumbsdn: :worthy:

PRECISION RACING SUSPENSION:thumbsup: :cheers::p:bonk::crazy:

At 5'7" inches and a short inseam, I have similar difficulties.

I had my KTM300exc shortened in the shock and forks. It was much better for the off-road, but when I took it out on MX tracks, it was not so good. It was no longer supple over smaller MX track stuff, and it could no longer take the big jump hits without bottoming. I spent ca. $600, but I am going to change it back.

The next bike I buy, I will likely shave a slight step in the seat (nothing major) and maybe lower the subframe a little. Since I now ride just MX tracks I am not going to take the chances of it being unsatisfactory as it was last time--and my wallet considerably lighter at that.

Well, I sent e-mails out to 6 shops and Milan is the only one who answered so guess who's getting my business? :cheers:

I don't understand why companies put an e-mail contact on their site and then never answer them...it's like putting your phone number but not answering the phone.

You have made a good choice.

I ride some mx and havent had any problems with it. I had mine valved for woods so there is no more mid valve. I know that if I am going to jump something I have to down side it. That is because of the valving that I have.

The KTM is really good from the start. Whoever did your suspension must not have done a good job.

I have not noticed any loss of travel, but I am not doing 75' triples either. I mostly stick to the safe table tops or the smaller doubles like maybe 20-30'.

Just make sure that you tell him what you want and dont lie about your riding capability. If you arent honest abotu how well you can ride you wont be happy.

Keep me informed about it when you do it.:cheers:

You might wait a little while longer to see what responses you get. The expectation that e-mail will be answered instantly is sometimes not that reasonable. Some people take about a week, just like with snail mail. Plus, you don't know how long their list is, and where you are on it.

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