radiator lowering kit for 04 yz450f

Does anyone know where I can find a radiator lowering kit for an 04 yz450f? I'm attempting to help this heavy bike be faster in the corners. If anyone has any other ideas i'd appreciate the help, whether it be parts, or riding tips.

i was looking for these for my 04 and didnt see any, i hope someone can lead you in the right direction.

check with dr. d

I posted the same question about my 04' also.

From what I can gather, No one makes a lowering kit for the 04' models, simply because the frame hole for the radiator top crossover tube is too small. Look at the top of the radiator(s), and see where the crossover tube goes through the frame. If you lower the radiators, you would have to lengthen the radiator top tubes by an equivalent amount to be able to go thru the frame hole. One option would be to have a Radiator shop reweld longer tubes for the offset, to allow it to work....has anybody tried it yet?? I'm guessing it wouldn't be too cheap to do, but I'm sure it's do-able.

Oh, regarding my above post....

I didn't see the question regarding any tips, for improvement. but here's one.

On the 04' models (and I think the 03' models also), replace the stock linkage with a linkage from STORMLINK.


Click on "Products" than click on "Suspension Linkage"

This definately made the bike turn easier. What i mean by "easier" is that the bike will fall over easier in corners, i.e. it will feel less top-heavy, and will not stand up as much in corner's. You will have to experiment with a different sag rate compared to the stock one. If I remember correctly, I used 106mm. I think most guys who tried the Stormlink used between 105-107mm for the sag. I bought mine used for $ 75, but new they run $ 139.99.



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