Re-Sticking Original Graphics

'06 450f

After power washing my bike from yesterdays race the gas tank graphic is starting to release from the front of the tank. My questions is; What is the best glue/sticky substance to reapply the graphic?

FYI: I received my first trophy yesterday in the 25+ C class. This was only my 3rd race.:mad: Last race of the year and cannot wait for next year.

3M makes some spray adhesive that works pretty good, but chances are if its starting to peel off, it all will soon. I would probably rip them off and buy some One Industries graphics, they look really sharp and are very high quality.

Congrats on getting a throphy. Its a good feeling to bring something back home after a day at the races.

Check out motosport outlet and get some OEM factory effex graphics.They are around 30 - 40 bucks and look great.I had them on my old bike and they held up great.

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