Clutch 2003 WR450

I have an 03 WR450. The clutch is starting to get noisy. It rattles all the time and there is a winding noise that goes away when I pull the clutch in. It doesn't slip but it is a little grabby When I go to stop. I found lots of reading on the Grabby situation. I was hoping for some advice on rebuilding the clutch. Things I should look for.


Does anyone have any more ideas. Need help.


Take the clutch cover off and remove all the clutch plates. Look for worn clutch basket fingers with notches where the friction plate tab slides along during use. Once the basket is notched you need to replace the outer basket and put in new clutch plates to get the clutch to be smooth again.:cheers:

Alley Cat was right. When i took the clutch side of the motor apart i found the nut on the crank was loose.I think this was giving me my rattle noise. I didn't tighten the nut yet and i noticed play between the cog and the splines on the inner side of the crank shaft. If i moved the cog to the splines on the outer side of the crank shaft it was tighter but still a little play. It lookes like the splines on the shaft and the cog wore. What should i do to fix this problem? Thanks.

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