Pig Poetry

This was posted on ADVRider:

I like my bike

I like it well

Get on the gas

it goes like hell

Bold new graphics

are bought in sets

remove the snorkle

replace the jets

mod the airbox

remove the smog

I like my bike

this pig, this hog

It's called a Pig

Which is a Pork

It runs much better

when it's uncorked

My bike's not lean

it does not pop

can't put both feet down

when I stop

people think

it's awful tall

the seat is high

the tank is small

I like the rims

I like the tires

I like the hoses

I like the wires

I like my bike

I think it's swell

I like my bike

My X. R. L

Glad you liked it. I wrote it in an uncharacteristic fit of creativity, then posted it in advrider.com just for laughs. I copied it over to the "XRL owners sign in" post for the other XRL-obsessed members. Just having some fun.

I couldn't tell from you post if you wrote it or not, so I didn't credit you. Good job.

It's right on the money!

thanks for the smile, definately hit the nail on the head

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