Yoshimura on a 426 ?

Thinking about getting a Yoshimura Comp Series full exhaust system for my 2000 YZ426. Just wondering if anyone is currently running one of this exhaust or has any suggestions.

I have a Yoshi exhaust system....... Its on a shelf in my garage, it kept falling apart and I was tired of messing with it. They make a lot more power than stock, but it's not very good quality.

I know have a FMF full system. Its been on for over a year with no issues. The FMF makes the same kind of power the Yosh did, and its actually quieter than the Yosh.

I run a Pro Circuit T-4, my son had a Yosh full comp on his RMZ. I love the PC T-4,Pulls strong and compliments the 450 DCM well, he is frustrated with the Yosh. I am probably switching to an FMF Q2 or a PC 496 shortly for lower sound even though I ride tracks only.


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