Cracked Ignition


I hit a tree a few weeks ago and after looking my 06 YZ450 over for damage (after the stars went away) I noticed that the number plate was crushed into the ignition black box. The box is crushed and the mount is bent. However it still runs. I am having jetting problems (but I think it is my air screw keeps vibrating loose), so I cannot tell if the ignition damage effects performance. I am thinking it would be an all or none thing with the ignition, it will either work or not. Is that the case, or could the damage ignition be effecting my performance?



I think it's an all or nothing deal, it either works or it doesn't. I would take a real close look at the box and fill any cracks with silicone sealant to prevent water intrusion but other than that, I wouldn't worry about it.

I would be more concerned about your fuel screw coming loose. Why do you say it's vibrating loose? Has it fallen out? If so, you need to ensure the spring is on the end of the fuel screw that goes into the carb, that's what prevents it from coming loose. It only works though if you have no more than 2 1/2 turns out. After that the spring tension isn't enough to hold fuel screw in. If you are that far out, you should richen the pilot jet one size and it will get you back in the ball park.

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