Some more '06 450F Questions

Ok, I've just put on the Works Connection Radiator cages, skidplate, and the ProMoto Billet spark arrestor endcap.

I'm going to a District 37 Enduro race this weekend....Sound limit is 96 decibels....Do you guys think my stock muffler with the sparky will pass, or even come close? The guy I talked to said they usually allow up to 100 db....

Also, I've got the proMoto billet Kickstand, which bolts between the footpeg and frame....

I cant get the footpeg bolts loost! It's a T50 head, I bought a socket, couldnt loosen it, even got the 18V DeWalt impact gun on that sucker, wouldnt budge!

Is it loctite-d in? Should I give it a little torch to liquefy the threadlock?

I really want to use this kickstand....Its a real pain to lean the bike agaisnt trees and whatnot!

The bike will pass.

I heard if you run it for about 10 minutes prior to testing, that also helps...



I heard if you run it for about 10 minutes prior to testing, that also helps...



You could try applying some heat to the area around the bolts to expand it and then put an ice cube on the bolt head and try to remove it emediately. This usually works.

I had the same problem with the peg bolts. Hit them with a hammer, it will crack the loctite.

Where is the enduro at?

Looks like you are running the Four Aces Enduro huh Crash? I guess that makes you my competitor then. What class are you riding? Forget any advice I gave you on the kickstand bolts then. Just kidding. Actually when I go to soundcheck I use both a DRD quiet core inside, and the Promotobillet silent tip as well. The guys ALWAYS think they are going to get me but it sneaks under nicely. You wont even get close to passing without at least one of them. (they will not allow up to 100 db) I have seen them fail people and send them packing. If you want we can hook up and you could "test fit" my pieces before you head over to sound check. You know just to make sure you like them. :mad: I will be out on Sat. I'll have my lifted Green F150, with my white 12x6 Enclosed "Yamaha stickers on the side". Stop by and say hi. :mad:

Where is the enduro at?


Haha, My father and I are gonna go, Its our first enduro race.

So I dont know what class or anything...Wanna help point us in the right direction? heh.

Yeah man, I'll definitely try to find you, We'll have a motorhome with a white enclosed trailer that will say "L&M Electric" on it. If you see me and I dont see you, be sure to stop by!

My name is Kevin by the way.

Right on Kevin, I will look for you guys. Have you ever run any D-37 races before? If so you will run the same skill level as far as Beg, Nov, Ami, or Exp. The beginner D class does 1 loop, which this time will be 50 miles. There will be a gas option at about mi. 30 or so. Then the A,B,C, riders will go out on another loop. The Enduro's are a blast! I didn't expect to like it since it;s not the haul @ss get there first kinda race that I love. But it is a paced race. I actually have a 1st, and a 3rd place this season so far. Anyways we will be out on Sat afternoon to camp. You and your Dad are more than welcome to camp with our club if you like. Devils of the Desert, our Flag is red, with a little devil guy holding a checker flag. Look for that and my lifted Green F150. If you guys are running the beg class We do have 2 of our guys that are riding the D class that have timekeeping equipt. and have done 3 enduro's so far that you two could sign on to the same minuite with. I will be running the C class for 2 loops with room on my minute as well.

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