Complete Graphic kit w/ seat cover for sale

The seat cover is the same as in the picture... I would like to keep it as a complete set. Stroker has the YZF seat covers in stock and you can get them through their website: or by calling them. tell them Robert aka 'freestyle' (don't ask) sent ya and maybe they will give ya a deal.

This set retails for 109.95 thru stroker.

The minimum I'll take is $45... any bidders?

If I don't get any inquires, I'll throw it up on ebay... but I would rather sell it to y'all



I'll give you $45 for both.

I'll e-mail you in about an hour.


It sold!

Hey guys,

I have a Brand new (Yellow) Stroker graphic kit and (black) seat cover for the YZF400 for sale. (in the 2nd picture it's the 2nd from the top)Name a price, best offer wins. I can take payment by paypal. Shipping will cost $5 USPS. Please contact me at if your interested.

<img src=>

<img src=>

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Do you have a pic of the seat cover or does it match the graphics?

I have the yellow graphics but my seat cover is wearing thin on the side. So I would be intrested in the seat cover if you will sell it seperate. If you wont then I understand.

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