Anyone ever have this happen to their 426?

So, I'm racing all year and my rear brake feels a little funny. Upon further inspection I find that the white nylon resevour has "buldged" and is now leaking fluid out the cap seal. The only thing I can find that would cause it to do that would be excessive heat from the exhaust which is less than 4 inches from it. I'm sure this would be a result of heat over time.

Has anyone else seen this problem and if so, what was done to fix it. I was thinking of just getting a late model aluminum resevour but with the way the exhaust kicks outside the frame and above the location of the resevour mount I dont think that will work.

Any ideas?



Could you just get a CRF brake master cylinder and resivor that is all one piece to replace it? I know its an upgrade that the DRZ guys are always talking about. Better feel and takes up less space.

An '03 or later M/C will work. You will have to trim off the reservoir mount to get clearance for it, and you'll have to remove the upper bolt and rock it back to get the top cover off/on, but otherwise, it works fine. I put one on my '01 250F over a year ago.

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