Clarke 4.7 Gal Tank "Yellowing"? 93'xr650l

New to the site, thanks for all the help in advance...

I just bought a 93' xr650l with a clarke tank (:mad: ). The tank is noticably yellowing as opposed to the white plastics. Is this common or not? Also is there any way to clean it, sand it, etc... to make it white once more?


Neutral colored Clarke tanks are kinda yellowish to begin with, more like off white when new. Sun light will change the color. I store my bike indoors in my garage.

I have a Natural 4 Gal IMS on my XR400 and I drain the fuel if the bike is going to be sitting for more than a week. I also keep it in the garage to help it stay as natural as possable.

Yes, it is normal for the white tanks to yellow a bit. There is really nothing you can do about it as the yellowing is all the way through the plastic not just on the outside. It is caused by the gas vapors.

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