Should I become a member of the 450 club??

Hey guys, I have a question just to hear some opinions and ideas from you all. Right now I have a 2001 WR250 and I race in harescrambles most weekends, im one of the top guys in C class so im not a newb but I have a ways to go, ya know?. Ive been riding everyweekend for almost 3 years and racing the past year, I'm 6'1 and 185 lbs, I work out and am pretty strong. So a friend offered up a yzf450 to me for like $4800, its in greatt shape, has a Dr. D system on it, everything else is stock showing it hasnt seen rough times. I'm trying to talk my dad into lettin me get it before its gone and somebody else is happily beating me at the race! I want to know what you all think, if this bike would be a fun bike for me and be able to be ridden in harescramble races. I have read thousands of posts about it and am very convinced this bike is a great step for me, and i read a flywheel weight might be a good idea for woods riding. Thanks in advance!

I would get it Im only 135.

What year is the 450?

It's a 2006 SE edition

In a heartbeat.

In a heartbeat.


I had the same sort of question just recently about a 450F vs 250 and I ended up with the 450F. It was a good decision and I'm glad I did it. You should get the, wait...we might be racing against each other some know, after further thought, I think a TTR-125 would JUST RIGHT for you!!!:mad:

I'm 5'6", 44, 175 lbs, FWIW.

Haha thanks alot guys, i made a compelling argument, so he wants me to wait a lil anyway till our dealer builds some more 07's then we'll talk serious!!

$4,800 for an 06? At the end of the season, here in PA?? Forget it!

Wait till spring when everyone gets a real itch for the 07's. You'll be able to pick one up for $4k easy.

I'd grab an 06 450SE at that price. The exhaust system is cream on this cake. Do it if you can and race it well.


Do it! I went from a yz250f to an '06yz450f....and I asolutely love it. I have to respect my right hand a little more now, but I would not go back to a 250f! Go for it! :cheers:

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