can an XR650r do it

Hi guys I have a XR650R uncorked and want to go to train on a MX track , I am not looking to jump 20Feet in the air but just some litle jumps 3 to 5 F max the bike supension is stock and I weight 210 fully dress . am I going to destroy the bike or is that OK , any of you doing it any good advice will be great.


There are some video of the XR650R clearing 55 foot table top and a stock bike doing an up and over, clearing almost 70 feet


I've done it and it's a blast.

there was a big thread on this a couple of weeks ago. bwb63 has some great video.

There are some video of the XR650R clearing 55 foot table top and a stock bike doing an up and over, clearing almost 70 feet


Dude! You rock! Finally someone who jumps a 650R and has video to proove it! Sweet dude!

Just watch your rear suspension. If you begin to repeatedly bottom the back end hard enough, it will break the rear subframe. It likes to come apart up at the top/front where it bolts to the main frame above the shock. I keep a spare subframe with me that has been rewelded and usually have to switch them out every 6 months.

The other thing to remember is that with a BRP, when your jumping on a MX track, you will be lower in the air than everyone else. This is due to the excess weight (love handles!!!) of the bike and the softer suspension. If you are following someone else over a larger jump, you will need to hit it a little faster to avoid casing the landing. Over some of the larger jumps on my local motocross track, I'll be over 6 feet lower in the air than some of the other guys I'm on the track with.

it is possible {like on a crf230} but i would not recommend it unless you fully know the bike and are dame good at MX..........

Thanks guys , I am going to ride the XR on the track , my goal is to learn to jump and slide arround before I takle some very serious Off road. I will buy a better spring for the chock and maybe change the front ones too ,just in case my 200 pounds are too much for the bike.


That is a great idea, Hendi. The MX track is a great place to hone your skills, regardless if you want to be a pro-motocrosser. On a track you hit the same obstacles and corners much more frequently so it is easier to build on your mistakes and improve skills than in the off-road world.

I ride the MX track quite religously in the spring to re-remember all of the good habits required for fast (for me) riding. If you are racing off-road, especially GPs, racing a MX race every now and then helps build up your aggression and learn adverse line selection in traffic.

I also ride the MX track alot in the fall, but that is so some hunter doesn't shoot me up in the mountains!

Remember to keep your elbows up, get your bum off the seat, and above all, have fun!!!

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