I did A LOT of searching, but what pilot jet do i need, '98 XRL?

Hey everyone! First post! I just bought a '98 XRL with only 723 miles for $1500! You gotta love Craig's List!

it doesn't like to run, so while cleaning the carp, I figure i would do the most common mods.

My plan: Dave's Mod, lowering it, de-smog.

I searched for hours and found all my answers except one.

What series pilot jet do I get? I am guess 22. Am I right?



Matt--this one?

"Low miles (750 miles), very good shape. Expired Iowa registration. Clean Iowa title. Runs good but will probably need a new battery before next season. Comes with two “like new” helmets and maintenance manual. Slightly weathered and it got a little bit of overspray on the seat when I painted my house many years ago"

Saw that, too. He was asking 2K. I envisioned it being stored outside, plus I have too many toys...lol.

At $1500, you should have gotten a decent deal. Congrats on that!

I'd change the oil with a lower cost type, run it for 20 or so miles, then change that for something decent, and keep regular changes thereafter.

Can't get to my garage, so I don't have the pilot jet info handy... :-/

That's the one!

It was outside for a very short time, a little oxidation on the engine and the controls are a little faded, but that's about it! It has original everything, even hand-guards!

I can't get to run that long, but it sounds good, no strange noises.

I figured I would just go through it and make sure the carb is clean and tuned right to begin with.



According to the instructions for the Daves Mods it should have a 55 pilot jet.

I found the answer on 4stokes, it's a 22 series.

Thanks for the replys!


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