Fresh meat

Hi, all. I'm new here, so y'all have some fresh meat to pick apart. I just picked up a 98 WR400 and I need to know all the important things that I will need to check out. First, what is the benefit of clipping the grey wire? Second, can anyone offer suspension tips for a 220 lb intermediate enduro/hare scramble/play rider who likes plush action over whoops and roots and enjoys long moonlit walks on the beach at ni... wait, sorry, wrong BBS. :) Also, how do I (can I) tell whether I have WR or YZ timing without taking the head cover off? Some info about my bike... IMS oversize clear tank, yellow plastic, One Industries Hurricane graphics, Pro-Tapers, Bark Busters, Acerbis dual halogen headlight, Scotts upper triple clamp, and probably some other things I don't know about, yet. I look forward to anything I can learn here about this great bike.


I recognize a GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR!! :)

Just cut the gray wire. It is an ignition thing.

You will have to pull the valve cover to check for YZ timing.

I tip the scales @ 175, so I cannot help you there.

The biggest improvement you can make is getting your carb set to proven specs...Now, where are those proven specs...???

There is a topic on jetting that has now passed a google-plex factoral number of replys. It will take you approximately 40,000 + years to download it. It is worth reading, it you have LOTS OF TIME!!

HEY! I thought you were supposed to be stuffin envelopes tonight? This is why you won't have time to pay attention to Sam Adams!

:) You know that's alcohol abuse right?

Back to work you Underpaid Mail Order Dude.....

Couldn't resist.......Sorry :D

Bonzai :D

OK I thought of some more things that have been done to my bike... Oversize front brake (the cauliflower-looking one), braided front brake line, airbox lid removed, White Bros e-series pipe, and custom blown fork seals.

Does anybody on here run enduros/scrambles with SE&TRA? Gonna be at the Swamp Fox Enduro in January? Anyone, anyone... Bueller?

Oh, yeah, how does one de-octopus their carb? :)

For local race info, try GNCCYZ on the 250f side of TT. He races quite a bit and will be able to help. You can also try setra's web site.

For a rider of your caliber and stature. You'll need to re-valve and increase the spring rate on the rear, front's (spring rate) will be fine. You can also ask John Curea on this side of TT.

For de-oct instructions go to the technical side of TT and print the parts list and instructions.


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