New to thumper, advice on servicing.

Hi, I've just registered after reading lots of your discussions. Found you after spending hours trying to find a simple answer to the question of service intervals on the WR450F. I haven't bought one yet but it's only due to working over sea's right now. The money is ready and after years of road riding and road racing on everything from KR1's to Blades I'm ready to enter the arena. I plan to get the WR and then supermoto it to have best of both worlds, plus if it works for me I'll be hitting the tracks again, once it's in your blood...

So the question, what are the service intervals and requirements for a WR450F running in supermoto trim. The racing servicing intervals can wait a while, walk before i run and all that!

I guess it could be a question you are all sick of answering but i can't get a straight answer anywhere else, so from the guys who know...

Any help much appreciated!

check valves evey month. change oil every week.

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