XR650L - Awesome Bike!

I've just completed a trip across Australia with a couple of mates, we all rode XR650L motorcycles and found them to be superb for the job. If your interested in our trip, check out the website:

Across Australia 2006

Nice pics and good job with the site.

awesome site,

i plan to do that myself some time soon,..i hope

Badass Dude!:mad::thumbsup::mad: Killer site!:mad::worthy::ride::banana::applause::D:foul:

Nice Pics, rickfromnz, Thanks for sharing.....

And Welcome to, TT ....:cheers:

cool as hell! I'd love to do that.

That is really cool. What a great ride. Nice site too.

see any snakes?

Yeah, we saw a few snakes in the tropical area of north queensland towards the end of our trip. Although, there's plenty of widlife other than snakes to keep you on your toes!

Australia is a really cool country and riding across it must have been an adventure of a lifetime. I have just put it on my list of things to do before I die! Welcome to TT, and Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


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