is white bros carbon pro top end pipe?

just as the name suggests i am lookin a buying a new pipe for christmas but i want one that would increase the top end and i have heard nothing but good things about the carbon pro, please any input would be apprecaited and if it isnt do you guys have any idea about one the would thank you. DeViLdRiVeR.

WB exhaust was one of my first aftermarket pipes i tested on my me it felt all low end, and didnt offer much top end, even comparing it to the stock pipe...

massive low end all the way to top end pipes ive used are rocket exhaust, and PC ti-4...hope that helps

I did some a/b comparing with stock/carbon pro as well as my son. Me personly rinding a yz250f found the stock kx to be very soft on the bottom and roll on mid and rev very well. Verses my yz hits like a monkey from bottom through mid then signs off.

Switching around we both liked the WB pipe much better,helped alot on the bottom gave it more mid but it did take away from the top so marginal its almost not worth the comment.

Also,mind you we played the with the jetting until we got it spot on.

We both will give the carbon pro a 9.5 it would be a 10 but if it hits the ground I will be crying.

Don't pipe swap and expect the world to change get your jetting right for your climate and altitude!!!

Howzit, you found the rockets pretty good a. Thinking of getting one for me kwaker, do the deliver good low down and mid range.

Kwakstar from Oz

I have heard that they hit very hard off the bottom, and they do look pretty cool!

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