JD Jet Kit Contents?

Can anyone tell me if the JD jet kits contain any more than the needles and main jets? From the sticky jetting thread I see that alot of TT'ers are changing the leak jets and starter jets for different conditions. I've changed out the pilot and main jets for the lower temperatures, but it seems like my bike's been alot harder to start in the colder weather, so I'm assuming I need to swap the starter and/or leak jets too.

The mail-order places I've been using don't list the starter or leak jets, so I'm wondering if the JD kit will include them, or if I need to order them from my dealer. The JD website doesn't clearly list what's in the kit.


No leak or starter jets in the JD Jetting kit. Only main jets and needles.

Call or shoot the TT Store an email. We'll get you what you need/want and answer any questions you have.

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