Clutch Cable $*#&@

I have a 2001 426 and have been breaking clutch cables. It also seams that with the pertch I have, Moose, that my clutch pull is also very high. I have stock spings and a hinson basket with stock plates.

What clutch perches are you guys running?

Which have you tried and what don't you like?

Do you think OEM cables are better than motion pros?

And don't say just get a hydraulic...

Does the clutch cable break in tha same place always? If so which end?

It breaks at the pertch end right at the barrel.

Do the AVS levers give any mechanical advantage to clutch pull?

If you lube your cables dont, Oil will attract dirt they will last forever if you dont lube them

Somethings wrong! The clutch pull should be easy. Motion pro cables are better than stock for your year of bike. I ran a Honda lever and perch on my old Yamie for an easier pull and feel. You can but a good after market lever assy for about $30.00. Was the lever ever replaced? and does it match the perch? With the cable unhooked at both ends does the cable slide in the housing smooth?

You can lube with graphite that will not attract dirt, but you will have to have the cable off and make a big mess to get it down where it needs to be. Lockease graphite solution is liquid to penetrate and run down the cable, then dries leaving the powder in to lubricate.

If I remember the ASV's don't really offer any more leverage. Just the swing back and adjustability. It sounds like it might be your perches though if they are breaking in the same place. Do they cause a bend when you pull the lever? Mine comes pretty much straight out without hitting the lever or perch anywhere. Good Luck

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