wr450 seat

Does anyone know of a softer seat for a 04 WR450? The stock seat is like sitting on a 2x6.

sdg tall seat has worked out for me. I also use udder cream on my backside for long rides. You need a little lubrication on all moving parts.

Take a look at the Guts racing seats.they have different height and softness foams and covers.You will need to do the work yourself and a air stapler is highly recommended to attach the cover.You can also carry it to a upholestry shop to do it for a small fee.A hand stapler is not strong enough to drive the staples in. http://www.gutsracing.com/

I've been happy with my tall foam Gutz seat.:cheers:

I can't take sitting on a brick anymore either. What's the most comfortable foam density soft/med/hard? Can you re-use the stock cover and get new foam from guts? What length staples do you use? Thanks

I bought the gutz tall seat with the medium hard foam, which way better than the stocker. If I were to only trail ride I would have went for the soft seat. The guys at gutz said it was XR soft!

I just bought the GUT soft foam tall seat. I am taking it for a ride this weekend. I will report back Sunday or Monday. It feels a little tall but we will see.

I too have the guts soft, tall seat, LOVE it so much, the stock one really sux for anything over 10 minutes of sitting down.

I really like the GUTS tall/soft foam seat. I am 5'10" and I have no problem touching the ground. The seat changes my riding position so I am over the front of the bike just a little more. I feel I have more control. I feel like I am not sliding back as much either.

I put the SDG tall seat on my 03 (I'm 6') and it fits me much better and is WAY MORE COMFORTABLE! However, it's the first gripper seat I've had and it took a while to get used to . . . Nice getting it as one unit and not having to staple it yourself too!!

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