Re: front Spring Questions

Hey guys, I need way stiffer front springs on my 06 wr450f, I weigh 250 pounds (without riding gear) and the front end bottom out all the time on bumps and stuff, I looked online on the parts catalogue, i see two springs is this a right and a left? or are there two springs in each fork, (never had one apart b4) #15 and 34 shown in pic. And what rate is a good one to get for my weight? i know there was a link somewhere here for a rate calculator.... Thanks in advance.


15 5TJ-23141-L0-00 SPRING,FRONT FORK (K=4.5N/MM)

34 5TJ-23141-L0-00 SPRING,FRONT FORK (K=4.5N/MM)

or has rate calculators and some other good support information on how to adjust the clickers, etc.

Also look around the suspension forum on TT. Lots of info there.

I just got 0.48 fork springs (2 springs, 1 in each fork leg) and a 5.8 shock spring for my '06 WR450, but I haven't installed them yet. I'm at 235 without gear, so you may need the next higher spring rates.

Hey Davemo94 where did you get the springs? from yamaha or aftermarket, I called the dealer today, they dont even list alternative ones for the 06 online and he said he don't have 06 microfish sheets yet and cant look them up, so he looked up an 04 model and found only .45 and .44 and .46 were listed, all too weak for me even if they did fit.

You need at least a 5.8 on the shock and .50 for the fork springs. Racetech only makes .48 on the forks, but there are other manufacturers that make the .50, I just can't remember which one. There is only one spring in each fork leg, and they're easy to change out if you have the manual. Also, a little heavier fork oil will help as well. Stock is 5#, I went with 7.5#...SC

MountainMax, I got the springs from (their main office is only about 5 miles from my house in Illinois)

Not sure how they handle international shipment, but their website shows distributors in europe and south america, so I assume it's no problem.

I think the springs were about $95 (u.s.) for each end. I got the 0.48's for the fork, but I'm pretty sure they said they could get the 0.50 springs.

If you email Jeremy at mx-tech ( ) he should be able to set you up. He's been really helpfull in my dealings with him.

anyone know of any speed shops here in canada?

I tried the cannon place, they dont' list any for 06 wr's, and mx place dont' list 4.9 or 5.0's hmm

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