DG SuperTrapp Pipe Problems 93'xr650l

I need help with the removal of the baffles for this pipe. It currently has 12 in and I would like to drop it to 8 or so. I took out all the allen bolts from the back plate, but three of them will not come out all the way, they just spin when I try to loosen them. I unscrewed the phillips nut from the side, but I cannot get any further...I put a strap wrench on the plate/baffles and it will spin 3/4 of a turn but it will not come out...ANY HELP WOULD BE WONDERFUL!:cheers:

This a prime example of why anti-sieze is used when using dissimilar metals and fasteners, The threads have probably pulled off the case and now is just spining, Try to pull on the bolt/screw while turning it to see if it will catch anymore threads that are left.

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