What Is The Fuel Gauge For?

Anyone know what the fuel gauge is for under the avatars?

And how does it know how many beans we've been eating?

if you look in the right hhand upper corner there is a fuel can, you can vote on others reputation by clicking on that individuals gas can and voting!

freekin cool!

Can I borrow some Gas money man? I gotta ride !

The fuel gauge represents a user's reputation within

the Thumpertalk community...:bonk:

So we all need to treat people with respect , Be helpfull..

and that might help your fuel level......:cheers:

Act like a Ass...Well no one likes to run out of gas...:p


So what is the price per gallon these days?LOL!

Just click on the gauge and some onfo will pop up....:cheers:


I see I have 11 reputation points!

All those XRL mod posts I put up before the system was in place...


frankstr where's your guage?

Hey fellas I think Dave deserves a few points what do ya think?

Hey fellas I think Dave deserves a few points what do ya think?

Definitely. Very helpful.

Hey Dave :cheers:

No begging pigrider! LOL!

I'd be glad to offer kudos but I guess I'm just a plebe. Did a search which said new members will not be allowed to offer input. I think I've been around for about 6mo now. Guess I'll have to wait.

Phuzz deserves gas just for his avatar...

Phuzz deserves gas just for his avatar...

I think he was eating oreo cookies but forgot the milk!:cheers::p

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