didn't some company make Tin coated Spokes?

i'm look for some spoke for my 06 yz450f that are Tin coated wasn't there a company that made them?


Do you mean tin, or TiN (titanium nitride)? And what is the point of the coating supposed to be?

I remember seeing them as well.I believe TCR does them.They dont serve any purpose besides looking crazy trick.

Mine were polished then cad plated.

Look at the blue bike in my garage.

yep i was talking about TiN coating my Spokes.

it does serve a purpose... it woun't make your spokes look so shitty after 6 months of riding in the sand! since the spokes are brown, it woun't show dirt as much, and looks major trick!!!

i found a place to do it for $2 bucks a spoke.

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