Where Can You Get Rims And Hubs For A Good Price

I Want To Get The Excel Yamaha Blue Rims And Talon Chrome Hubs Fully Assembled But They Are Hard To Find For The Right Price I Ve Seen Them For Around 1000 Dollars And Now Every Were I Look They Are About 1600 Dollars Please Help Thanks

go to eastcoastwheels.com

They have good deals on wheels:ride:


You can send yours off and have the stock wheels powercoated with the same stuff excel uses and have your hubs polished,powdercoated or anodized whatever you prefer.All for a very reasonable price if you ask me.


yup, he's the hands down man in norcal. no one goes anywhere else, although i've only had him sell and mount me a tire at the track so i don't have first hand experience but he's a rider, always at the track and i never hear a bad thing abiout him, just good feedback.


I got my Pro-Wheel Rims from them very cheap.

Cheaper than Pro-Wheel offers to their first year sponsored riders.

I used my old spokes and hubs, and laced them myself!

It took me about 1 Hr. per wheel to true them within .002 in all directions. I used a mag mount dial micometer, my stock axle and a bench mount vise.

Total cost = $150.00

$75.00 per rim, motosport outlet has Free 2 day Fed-Ex on all orders over $100.00

No, I'm not sponsored by Motosport Outlet. I just believe in their prices! :cheers:

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