Skid plate recomendations for an 04' model?

I'm going to be riding more trails lately than track, and the trails are in the Coal regions of Pa. with a lot of Hard-packed coal dust, and lots of rocks, with not too much top-soil.

For an 04' Yz450f model, what brand/type of skid plate/engine guards would you recommend??

I want to prevent any Engine/case damage I can....Thanks


I'm happy with my GYT-R plate.

I think Utah Sport or Flatland Skid plates are good. I chose the Flatland.

i ran devol skid plates and guards on my 04 and i also use them on m y 06.

good stuff man!!!

TT Store has a skid plate for your bike :cheers:

I'm leaning toward the Devol.

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