Xrl & Wb E2 Pipe, Need Jetting Recomendation

Just fitted the WB E2 pipe along with a Uni filter. Any of you ladies out there have this combo and already unlocked the unique "Jetting Code" would you mind letting me in on it ?


Thanks in advance,


I'd start with a55/160 needle shimmed .025

Posted - 02/09/2004 : 9:40:50 PM


Here's what's become my standard 'canned' reply.

Its pretty simple, but I have to admit drilling the slide is a little nerve-wracking. Also, doing the smog block-off will stop the popping, but will not really increase the power.


There's a photo here somewhere of the slide, gallery? tech section?

You drill the holes indicated to 5/32 of an inch. There are 3 holes, one in the middle for the needle and 2 off to the side- drill the 2 not in the center.

THE NEEDLE: When you pull the slide, the needle is held into the bottom of the slide by a little yellow widget that you press down on and turn a little with a screwdriver or an 8mm socket. When you remove that, the needle comes right out. Notice that the needle sits in a small recessed section, a little well. Find a small washer that meets the following


1) is about 20-30 thousands of an inch thick.

2) fits fairly snugly over the needle at the thickest part at the top.

3) has the same outside diameter as the top of the needle.

You just put the needle through the washer like you would a washer on a bolt so that the needle will be raised up out of the slide by the thickness of the washer. Some have found washers like this in a kit at radio shack. I found one that I had to make a little smaller on the outside diameter in my "supplies".

If you do this, remove the snorkel, and grind off the tab on the bowl that keeps you from spinning the low-speed mixture screw around, and put in a good air filter, you'll wonder how you managed to ride the bike without these mods. If the mixture screw is out more than 2-3/4 turns, you need to go up on the pilot jet.

The suggestion to replace the screws on the carb with allen heads is an excellent one as well. I replaced the 4 bowl screws, the 4 screws in the top, and the 2 that hold on the throttle cover.

The slide gets raised when vacuum is applied at the bottom of the slide, and the holes are how the air leaves the area above the slide. Hence, the bigger the holes the more faster the air can leave.

I'm running stock exhaust, K&N filter, and run a 55 pilot and 158 main (both keihin jets from Baja Designs), and this setup is rich enough to run with the baffle out. Note that there is a 55S short pilot jet, and the 55 regular pilot jet will work but you have to trim the slosh baffle in the bowl a little, as it can move a little and partially cover the pilot jet.

Thank you my friend. She is de-snorkled and de-smogged too I might add.

I'd start with a55/160 needle shimmed .025


I am looking for the same info as well.

I am currently 55/158, desmogged, desnorkled, drilled slide, needle shimmed .010 and it feels rich with the stock pipe. Think the E2 would help with my current setup?



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