New Bike and New Guy

Hi all I Just got my first real 4 stroke after owning numerous mx 2 stroke bikes. I got interested in motard bikes when gas went up so I decided what could be better than an xr650, in my xr650 research I stumbled on the movie Dust to Glory and have been hooked on Desert stuff ever since. I bought a cr250 to practice for Baja and just sold it for an xr650r. I don't think I will be racing baja any time soon and I dont think I want to motard it but here it is after my first ride.


and its street legal, yay

Welcome to TT. Let's see a few more picture's of your XR..

Welcome to Thumpertalk, CRAIGB , Nice looking ride...:cheers:


lets see a picture of the bike behind the xr.

Welcome to TT and that is one sweet bike! And Yeah what is that hiding behehind the XR? Looks fast!

Welcome and that is one awsome bike!

Thanks guys. The other bike is a 1975 cb500t that I have been making into a cafe racer for the last 2 years.



Current, I just need to make some coil mounts and misc items and its done.


That is sweet! retro look as well! Awsome job man! I like the clip-ons and the paint is cerca the 60's and 70's bet it is a hand full!

That was my first street bike. Never thought I'd see one of them again. Mine was poop brown.

Ah yes, poop brown. That was the color for 1975 in 1976 they were maroon and in 77 they were NLA. I feel bad for cutting up such a nice bike that was only available in america for 2 years but hey why not. I will get some more 650 pictures from my ride this weekend. Thanks again for the warm welcome.

My CB is a '72 4-cyl 500.

Also partway through a cafe-style makeover, but it is the 'met-my-wife-designated-project-that-gets-put-on -hold-for-20-years" project.


well I have a 78 yamaha rd400e and its been waiting for a hand for quite a few years,seeing yours have given me some inspiration to start the rebuild since my xr hardly needs any attention.nice bikes and welcome to TT.

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