Fouled a plug!!!!

I took the day off today to go riding- taking advantage of the 80 deg forecast weather. Had a lot of little niggling problems loading, things like I have my hands full of stuff and try to open the pickup rear door....locked. So I drop everything, open the driver's side, hit the "Unlock" button, load. Get another armful of gear, go to other side, try to open other passenger door...locked!Truck has an electrical short, evidently. I got a mile from the house and remembered I didn't have any extra hearing aid batteries (both ears). Turned around, went back, got them, drove back out over my rough driveay. I live at the end of 10 miles of dirt road and for some reason the 450F wouldn't stay put- had to stop and re-tighten it 3x before I hit pavement. Anyway FINALLY got to town, went by the dealer's to pick up my new handlebars, grips, oil filter. Went to the track, unloaded bike, installed bars and grips, and geared-up. Alright!!! Ready to ride!!!

Flipped choke on, no throttle, kick. And kick. And kick. Choke off. Kick. And kick. And kick. Hold throttle wide open. Kick. And kick. And kick. Pulled helmet off, verified gas thru the float bowl. Kick. And kick. And kick. No putt, no nothing. Okay, I'll check the plug. Well, guess where the special plug wrench is? At home. No problem, I have a nice tool set. Pulled the coil thing out, and WHOA....that plug is WAY DOWN THERE. Found a plug wrench and dropped it down into the deep ol' dark hole. It disappears. I get a short extension and clip it in. Not enough room for the socket. Sigh...:p:bonk: I try to pull the extension and plug socket out and it hits the frame and won't come out. I can't unsnap it because these are some pow'ful sockets and they clip solid. The sun is in my eyes. :cheers: Finally get a large Allen and am able to push the socket off the extension. Socket is still inside the head, though. I'm tempted to flip the bike upside down, but I finally manage to work the socket out using the same Allen wrench. Just for fun, kick. And kick. And kick. At this point, I confess...I just the bike fall over. Landed right on the clutch lever and bent it into a beautiful C shape. :crazy: Loaded bike in truck and drove to dealer's (2 miles, no biggie).

He uses a garage full of cool tools to yank the tank and shrouds and we finally get the plug out. Black as a coal mine!!! Put a new plug in, bike fires on 4th kick- lots of white smoke at first, then clears up just fine. I make it back to track and ride for 3 hrs. I'm pooped now.

Know what I think the problem is? Maxima air filter oil. I cleaned the filter for the first time and used Maxima. Thinking back to my KX125, the only time that bike fouled a plug was the day after I cleaned the air filter, using Maxima. I ordered 2 new air filters and switched to NoToil at the same time and it never fouled another plug. I used Maxima on my KDX and that bike would always run really rich and smoky for about 2-4 minutes and then clear up. I NEVER got it jetted to where it would run crisp and clean on start-up. I used NoToil right from the start on my KTM200sx and it always started clean and crisp, didn't foul a plug in the 3 months I had it.

I have a new Twin Air coming and I'll use No Toil on it and we'll see what happens. I'm also loading the spark plug wrench and extra plug in the truck, just in case.

i think i just had this problem! well i changed the cam chain and got it all back together and proceeded to try and start it, hmmm nothing. i thought i timed it wrong so after about 3 times trying to get it all lined up (it was right in the first place!:cheers: ) i eventually got it fired up for it to briefly die again!:p Had a look at the plug and it was all black and stinkin' of petrol, i figured out that the air filter i just put in still had wet oil on it:bonk: (no-toil recomends that you let it dry for a while first), im not sure if its possible but im thinking that it mixed with the fuel in the carb and fouled the plug that way:excuseme: , .Anyway i don't think its the type of air filter oil you are using just make sure its dry before you try and fire your bike up!

I use Maxima FFT exclusively, and have never fouled a plug on either 450, or on the 250F, when the compression was good. All air filter oils should be given no less than 8-12 hours to dry after applying it.

Motion Pro Tools makes a good little plug wrench for the YZF's that comes with its own swiveling extension and offers a number of options as to what it can be turned with.

If you cut a 2x4 to fit between the tire and upper part of the front fender and

then tighten the tie down your bike wont move in the rough at all. they do sell

things that do the same thing but everyone has a 2x4 hanging around the house

If you cut a 2x4 to fit between the tire and upper part of the front fender and then tighten the tie down your bike wont move in the rough at all. they do sell things that do the same thing but everyone has a 2x4 hanging around the house

I've been doing that for years but on a rough dirt road the front tire will still slide out or turn sideways on the bed of a pickup truck unless you have something to hold the front tire in place, which I don't (but soon will!).

My flat-bed trailer has tire chocks but the pickup doesn't. I just ordered 3 tire chocks from RockyMtn and I'm going to mount them on a strip of 3/4" plywood with the middle one a little forward. I'll put a strip of angle iron on the front for tie downs and then I can move the board from trailer to truck as needed. Also ordered 3 of the things that go between tire and fender- they're on sale for $2-3.

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