Does the 06 have an NFLR needle like the 07??

I was going to try the 07 NFLR needle in my 06 but got conflicting information about what needle was in the 06. Guess I will have to get off my @ss and have a look in the manual or pull the needle out and have a look.

The '06 does not come with the NFLR (it's an NFLP, I believe). Doug Dubach recommends it, and those who have tried it, like it. Not night and day, just a little crisper. I actually have one, but I haven't had time to try it.

were can i find one?

what does it do?

were can i find one?

Any local Yamaha dealer should be able to hook you up...


yeah but what does it do for the bike?

1/2 a clip richer than the stocker.

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