My XR 600r.......

Hi All,

just joined the forum tdy....

Was reading through and learned quite a bit.Anyway just wanna share pics of my bike which i just recently did up!!!

Would appreaciate it if u could give me comments and more ideas on how i should do up my bike

Thanks in advance



sweet ride welcome!

Welcome to Thumpertalk, zacko........

I like your ride....Nice pics...:cheers:


Am not too sure....Took it off my xr400!!!

I wanna make my front forks harder as when i do hard breaking ,the forks tend to go down too much!!!

Ant suggestion on how i can make it harder??

What oil should i use and how much of it!!

Thinking of doing it myself,some advice should be helpfull!!!!

Thanks in advance.......

Welcome to TT and nice ride! What make wheels are those?

Those are zzr sbk rims!!Did some machining and it fits perfect!!

Rim size 17x3.00(Front) and 17x4.00(Rear)!Wanted to fit bigger rims but my swing arm could only fit tyres size 140 and that the widest it could go!!

Just got my disk brake fitted yesterday!Am using a brembo 320mm disk for the front which was taken off a cagiva mito!!Will post pics soon for u guys to view........

All i can say is that braking is wonderfull now,all i need is one finger and the bike comes to a stop!!Only problems is my front fork as its too soft!!Need to stiffen it!!Ant tips aon how to do that!!


Sweet! looks great and keep us informed on the upgrades! Awsome man!

Rim size ... 17x4.00(Rear)!Wanted to fit bigger rims but my swing arm could only fit tyres size 140 and that the widest it could go!!

Nice machine, Zacko!

I'm doing a similar job on my XR600R.

Looks like the original swing arm(?) Are you sure 140 is the max width that'll fit? Some guys here in the UK say a 160 will just fit OK.

It'd be good to know your findings!

go for normal engine oil, and add on a little bit more than the spec recomend. that would do the trick for ya.

Yes its the original swing arm and am preety sure that a 160 tyre would not fit into it unless u dont mind it grinding aginst your chain!I too have heard some ppl using a 160 tyre but not sure how they do it!!Could be they change the swing arm????

Do u mean add engine oil with the fork oil???

Dont get what u mean!!!!!!!!:cheers:


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