Anyone put a Big Gun system on? HELP ME

I just ordered a full big gun system for my 93 600r and the header seemed to have went in fine but the muffler is pushed out to far to line up with the two bolt-up holes... It says right on the box it came in 85-87, 91-99 XR600's... is it common for a machine made product to not be perfect or like a stock exhaust? I am affriad I wil have to do some cutting. Also is the both ends of the piping from the header and the muffler (where they would connect) suppose to be the same diameter size? Becuase they are but i figure the connecting clap would just fix that... Any help would be great! I ordered the product from rocky mountain, spent alot of money and its frustrating I dont want to have to send anything back! Thanks guys!


I would give the guys @ Big Gun a call and talk about your problem with them. Perhaps they can make a recomendation or discover what the problem might be ?

800-870-4461 ask for Mike

Well I just talked to them they said it was made for the 600L and not the 600R. Big Gun says they dont make an exhaust for my bike only the 2000-present but I guess I have the model for the 600L this is very upsetting... Rocky Mountain tried telling me the 600L and 600R are the same.. SO CONFUSED, but its clear to see that i have the wrong one... Other than XR's only what other system out there will be sure to fit on my 600R?

I'll take it off your hands for you... Does the midpipe need a gasket or is it metal to metal. Maybe you are pushing it in too far? 1 inch is minimum at least. You may need a bracket fabricated. Let me know if you're selling. My 2 cents.

Looks like you are very limited for complete sytems that fit the 93 XR-600R. How about a Q slip-on from FMF ?

Correct me if I am wrong, but doesnt the xr 600r, and xr650l use the same exhaust. Big gun does make a full exhaust for the 650l, I think it is call quiet something. Header is fully ceramic coated. If any of you are running this particular exhaust please let us know how you like it!

Im running the big gun EVO X and I love it. the middle bracket was a tough fit but other than that (and alot of persuasion) it sounds and performs great:applause:

It was too much of a hassle... I shipped it back to RockyMountainMC... Now I need to figure what pipe to get... Prolly shoot for XRs only and if all else fails last resort would be FMF...

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