2007 XR 650L Exhaust

Hey guys............Do you need to rejet your XR if you unscrew and take out the silencer on the end of the exhaust and that is all you do?

I'm pretty sure you need to re-jet no matter what.:cheers:

Hello, you dont have to rejet, But those bikes are running real lean from the factory!..You will have to Dremel the two welds on the silencer, then remove the two screws..then a little high temp spray paint!.. But you dont have to rejet when you take the silencer out..It just makes a lot more power, and makes your bike run cooler, therefore making the engine last longer..You really need a smog block off kit to..I just traded my 06 L for a 07 R...I have been through all of the uncorking process on both my bikes...

The best thing you could do would be to leave the pipe alone,do the Daves mods get it dialed in. Save some money up and buy your self a slip on or better yet a complete system.

hey i have an 07 xr 650l and i'm trying to decied what to do for jetting. i want to ride and don't have the money for an exhaust. i have a dyno jet kit and k&n filter with the air box snorkel removed. i have also took the silencer out does any one what what i should be running for jets and air screw setting? i have never messed with a carb in my life and would like some help. this might help other people as well thanks alot.

use the DJ, needle, spring and 160 main jet. Then get a Kehien 55 pilot from the Honda stealer. about 2 1/4 tunrs out on the air fuel screw. The Uni filter flows better then the K&N and is cheaper. You will notice a easier starting bike and better drivability (runs better) power increase comes with the addition of an aftermarket exhaust. Not huge - but pulls stronger and longer.

put it back please no gains like that

Do Daves Mods

if you want and a slip on but leave the stock pipe stock

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