To who has owned a WR400 & WR450

I have a 99 WR400 and am looking into getting a narrow tank for a slimmer feel that would hopefully allow me to transition my wieght front and back easier on the seat. I know that the WR450's have a smaller and narrower tank so I would like to ask those whose who have ridden both the 400 & 450 bikes if it makes a lot of difference. I would also like to know that if it is worth the extra expense what you would recommend as far as brand of tank. I know I could replace mine with a YZF tank and seat but I would like to maintain at least a 3 gallon tank unless the smaller 2 gallon +or- tank of the YZ does not seem like a problem to most of you. It would be nice to have a larger & narrower tank that fit my stock seat since this would be cheaper then having to replace the seat as well.

Whatever light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated along with any manufacturer or web site info that you could direct me to if you feel this change is worth it.

I have a 2001 WR 426 and I replaced the original tank with an IMS 3.4 gallon tank and then had to replace the seat with an after market YZ seat. If I remember correctly the tank was in the low $200 dollar range and the seat was about $100. It made a real big difference and was worth it to me. You can sit alot farther forward and the whole bike feels better and you do not lose any gallonage. Here are a couple of side notes; the WR shrouds still fit even though people said they would not. Also, I later installed Unabiker radiator guards and due to the IMS tank they did not fit. But Unabiker currently has ones that do fit with the IMS tank.

I owened a 2000 wr400 and currently have a 05 wr450. I did the seat and tank changed as discribed above it did make a difference but uncomparable to the 05 it is amazing in the ego dept. compared to my 400. Is it worth the $300? yes if you plan to keep it for a few more years if not save your $$ and get 450. I think there will be some good deals now that 07's are available.

Keep us post on what you do and what you think if you go through with it.

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