200 Bucks For a Chain??

I paid $98.00 for my chain & sprockets I have RK520XSO chain.

I ponied-up for a DID ERV3. Best chain money can buy in my opinion. But even it didn't cost $200.

Just like OEM parts for cars.... way overpriced.A stock filter for an L can set you back 60+$ and one mirror about 30+$ (that's what I got asked for here in PR)leave the OEM parts for critical parts like engine and tranny.I got 7k miles out of the stock chain and replaced it with a regina 520or gold chain under a hundred bucks and no initial stretch.

That website is rather interesting, but they missed one important point regarding the tensile strength. Some chains (or shall I say metal alloys) can get a very high tensile strength rating, but they are also much more brittle. This means that at the point of failure, they will break suddenly instead of stretch. Another factor that can break a chain that is brittle is a small rock kicked up into your rear sprocket. This extra spike in chain tension can snap a chain also. I am sure that all of the more expensive chains from the reputed manufacturers are usuing very high quality (i.e. expensive) alloys for their chains. The same reasoning can be applied to the low buck chains. Cheaper, and more brittle alloys are probably used. They get the high tensile strength ratings, but can fail suddenly and at the most inopportune time, with expensive results.

I have run almost every high performance chain made (RK, EK, DID, & Regina) and have noticed that in my riding, the only chain that I haven't broke is the DID 520 ERV. I have snapped all of the other chains at least once, and usually in less than 6 months of riding. Two of my chain failures were in 100 mile races less than 2 miles from the finish. I've also had to replace 1 left side case due to a chain failure: the chain took the chain guard with it!

I would also like to point out that every failure that I have had occured well away from the master link. I have a staked link on the DID chain that I am running now, but I don't believe that it is the necessity that Honda claims that it is.

Eastreich - some interesting points. I probably will put new chain and sprockets on in the spring, running a clip would sure make it easier re: chain removal for repairs etc. although staked is the way to go according to some.

And you say the chain took out the case with a case saver installed? Scary.

If you are going to do something, do it well.

Even if it is breaking things...

And I break a lot of things (my dealer loves me)...

If you are going to do something, do it well.

Even if it is breaking things...

And I break a lot of things (my dealer loves me)...

Are you on first name basis with the parts guys too!

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